Sothorn Thai Amulet

Sothorn Thai amulet

Faith & Belief in your own religion will be your true guide in the pathway towards enlightenment. Understand and learn the right teaching as it shall guide you towards the light of enlightenment. Do know that no matter what you believe in, all religions are teaching us to goodness of mankind and respect one another as human being regardless of our races or skin colors. We really do need to understand that no matter how we appear to be in front of the mirror, we are basically just human beings. Learn to respect individual as human and live harmonious together as you journey in life to seek for the light of enlightenment.

It is a very tough job to make every human being in this world to understand that we are all the same as one human to another. Even though we are different in races, culture, religions, etc but still we are just humans. Once we understand and accept this clear fact of being just human then I do sincerely believe that we will all be moving in the right direction to do what is good for mankind. We will be able to cooperate with one another as to resolve any sort of crisis that may arise. Just like now we are all facing the same enemy – COVID-19 pandemic and we need to join forces as to eliminate it before it continues to kill more people around the world.

It will likely not ending any sooner but as long as we do our parts in keeping a healthy lifestyle and abide to rule of social distancing and wearing masks, etc then we will be able to control it from spreading. Please cooperate and do your part as human so that we do not need to suffer much more than what we had been through already. Respect each other and keep on with the isolation and social distancing with safeguard in public. That way we can put a halt to its spreading and soon after we get the vaccine cure, it will be totally eliminated. Well, the cure might be more than a year or so therefore we must never be complacent instead keep on to be vigilant against the spreading.

Thai amulets can help to give you some form of protection while you take care with preventive measures at the same time. Help yourself as you can help others to avoid be infected with COVID-19.

Question now is are you fated to receive this amulet as your own?

Kling Thai amulet

Kling Thai amulet

Only true faith & beliefs will connect you with your personal Thai amulet and it will then guide you through the right path where you can receive enlightenment. Only those who have achieved enlightenment will no longer be reincarnated again otherwise you will reborn as human being. Many of us will be going to recycle with our reincarnation until at such time we are being enlightened. We encourage everyone to bear true faith as you journey in life on earth as you do good deed which will help others who are in need and gain Karma & Merits for what you have contributed. Remember you have to do it from the bottom of your heart truly without any sort of obligation or wanting any form of rewards. We help others as what our hearts wanting to do so. That is always the right thing to do. As long as you have the ability to help someone, go ahead and help that person. You will have a sense of pleasure or satisfaction after doing so. This is what we felt each time we did something that can help someone. It is a great feeling inside us.

So, again our question is are you fated to rent this Thai amulet as your guide?

As we are currently experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be delay for all amulets delivery. Please be patient as we will arrange for delivery whenever possible for all orders. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

We know that Government is slowly lifting certain restrictions as to allow economy to pick up but we like to encourage people to continue be on guard against COVID-19 as it is not totally safe yet since we do not have any vaccine to cure anyone. So we still need to practice good hygiene and have the same preventive measures whenever we are in contact with others in public.

If possible, follow these simple guidelines and be safe.

  1. Washing your hands with soap often as to get rid of it on your hands.
  2. Avoid touching your face like nose, mouth & eyes unless you have just washed your hands.
  3. Isolation or quarantine together as a country at the same time to eliminate further spreading from human to human.
  4. Wear masks if need to be in public and keep social distancing from others to avoid being infected.
  5. If you have fever, cough and difficulty in breathing, please wear mask before consulting a doctor.
  6. If need to cough or sneeze, use a tissue paper or your elbow to conceal it.
  7. Download the contact tracing app in Singapore to eliminate unknown sources who maybe infected with COVID-19.

Help yourself as you can help your loved ones to be safe. Download the contact tracing app when you are in Singapore to eliminate unknown sources who may be infected with COVID-19.

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