Sothorn Thai Amulet

Sothorn Thai amulet

Faith & Belief in your own religion will be your true guide in the pathway towards enlightenment. Understand and learn the right teaching as it shall guide you towards the light of enlightenment. Do know that no matter what you believe in, all religions are teaching us to goodness of mankind and respect one another as human being regardless of our races or skin colors. We really do need to understand that no matter how we appear to be in front of the mirror, we are basically just human beings. Learn to respect individual as human and live harmonious together as you journey in life to seek for the light of enlightenment.

It is a very tough job to make every human being in this world to understand that we are all the same as one human to another. Even though we are different in races, culture, religions, etc but still we are just humans. Once we understand and accept this clear fact of being just human then I do sincerely believe that we will all be moving in the right direction to do what is good for mankind. We will be able to cooperate with one another as to resolve any sort of crisis that may arise. Just like now we are all facing the same enemy – COVID-19 pandemic and we need to join forces as to eliminate it before it continues to kill more people around the world.

It will likely not ending any sooner but as long as we do our parts in keeping a healthy lifestyle and abide to rule of social distancing and wearing masks, etc then we will be able to control it from spreading. Please cooperate and do your part as human so that we do not need to suffer much more than what we had been through already. Respect each other and keep on with the isolation and social distancing with safeguard in public. That way we can put a halt to its spreading and soon after we get the vaccine cure, it will be totally eliminated. Well, the cure might be more than a year or so therefore we must never be complacent instead keep on to be vigilant against the spreading.

Thai amulets can help to give you some form of protection while you take care with preventive measures at the same time. Help yourself as you can help others to avoid be infected with COVID-19.

Question now is are you fated to receive this amulet as your own?

Somdej Thai amulet

Somdej Thai amulet

Our lives are affected by our own action. The result of reaction due to our own action will determine the outcome. Sometimes, people do things without thinking of the consequences while others do plan as what they will do to get the outcome. The most important factor is that whether or not we are being guided as to take the right action will be vital. Sometimes you can hear people saying about letting their hearts rule over their heads while others using the heads to make the decisions. What is the right way? Use your hearts or your heads?

As we are believers of rebirth and reincarnation, it is a path that we all have to go through in life as whether or not one will achieve enlightenment in the current life. No matter what lies ahead, we should stay faithful to our own belief and looking forward to achieve what we all desire to accomplish at the end of our lives. Since different religions have its own messengers that will teach us to be good and helping others who are in need will be the right path towards enlightenment. We all must bear in mind that we are human beings alike though there are classification of different races and skin colors. We should not be taking that differences as how we should be treating one another since ultimately, we are human beings of the same form. Having the right mindset of being humans, we should look ahead of what we can contribute to one another as helping each other to achieve enlightenment at the end of our goals.

So, once again the question will be are you the fated owner of this Thai amulet?

Soh Koh Tai Thai amulet

Soh Koh Tai Thai amulet

You will always be protected and guided in the path of enlightenment using your personal amulet while wearing it around your neck. Learn what you are born to do as it is the right path towards enlightenment. Every person takes his/her own path at different time and some people may take a few lifetime before realizing his/her purpose in life. Like Shakyamuni Buddha who had managed to realize his path towards enlightenment where he gave up all the worldly things to achieve it. It is not an easy task where everyone can achieve but ultimately, everyone will return back to the Kingdom of God where you will no longer be suffering through the cycle of rebirth.

For us all who are still living in this earth, we can try to follow the right path towards enlightenment and learn to practice goodness in us by helping those who are in need without any sort of expectation. It should be done from the bottom of our hearts for giving out our helps. When you are in possession of your own personal amulet, please do your daily prayers and allowing it to guide for your daily routine in life. You will be able to overcome all obstacles or accidents that maybe lurking in your life. Do more charity in your life as it will guide you in the path. All goodness in your life will bring joy.

So, the question here is are you the fated person to own this Thai amulet?