Kong Pian Kai Yim Thai amulet

Kong Pian Kai Yim Thai amulet

The most important part of all religions is Faith & Belief and you can receive its blessing of health, wealth, fortune and good relationship. Each religion has a messenger from God to allow us to be guided in goodness of mankind for doing good deed to one another by providing help whenever needed. We are all children of God and born to do good work for mankind as well as trying to achieve the path of enlightenment. It is a difficult path for us humans to achieve as it requires lots of determination and understand our purpose of life like Shakyamuni who had achieved enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. This means he is freed from reincarnation which most of us are going through the cycle of life. Being human in this life is a lesson we need to learn and be guided to go on the right path so we can achieve what we need to do in this lifetime.

Thai Buddha amulet is what I believe that has been my guide as I journey in life before departing this world. I will strive to do my best whenever possible to help those who are in need as well as reminding myself of how we can appreciate what we are given. Never to take things for granted. We need to do what we can if we are capable of helping others who are in need. This helps you to generate Karma & Merits in life. Do good deed from the bottom of your heart and do not expect any returns. You will get the satisfaction seeing your help being appreciated. It is definitely the best feeling you can get from it.

Again, we like to ask if this amulet is fated for you. Are you the fated one to rent it?

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Kling Thai amulet

Kling Thai amulet

Only true faith & beliefs will connect you with your personal Thai amulet and it will then guide you through the right path where you can receive enlightenment. Only those who have achieved enlightenment will no longer be reincarnated again otherwise you will reborn as human being. Many of us will be going to recycle with our reincarnation until at such time we are being enlightened. We encourage everyone to bear true faith as you journey in life on earth as you do good deed which will help others who are in need and gain Karma & Merits for what you have contributed. Remember you have to do it from the bottom of your heart truly without any sort of obligation or wanting any form of rewards. We help others as what our hearts wanting to do so. That is always the right thing to do. As long as you have the ability to help someone, go ahead and help that person. You will have a sense of pleasure or satisfaction after doing so. This is what we felt each time we did something that can help someone. It is a great feeling inside us.

So, again our question is are you fated to rent this Thai amulet as your guide?

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We know that Government is slowly lifting certain restrictions as to allow economy to pick up but we like to encourage people to continue be on guard against COVID-19 as it is not totally safe yet since we do not have any vaccine to cure anyone. So we still need to practice good hygiene and have the same preventive measures whenever we are in contact with others in public.

If possible, follow these simple guidelines and be safe.

  1. Washing your hands with soap often as to get rid of it on your hands.
  2. Avoid touching your face like nose, mouth & eyes unless you have just washed your hands.
  3. Isolation or quarantine together as a country at the same time to eliminate further spreading from human to human.
  4. Wear masks if need to be in public and keep social distancing from others to avoid being infected.
  5. If you have fever, cough and difficulty in breathing, please wear mask before consulting a doctor.
  6. If need to cough or sneeze, use a tissue paper or your elbow to conceal it.
  7. Download the contact tracing app in Singapore to eliminate unknown sources who maybe infected with COVID-19.

Help yourself as you can help your loved ones to be safe. Download the contact tracing app when you are in Singapore to eliminate unknown sources who may be infected with COVID-19.

QR Code to download contact tracing in Singapore

Challenge against COVID-19

Singapore Government built the TraceTogether app as to fight against COVID-19 pandemic but resistance from people to sign up as unfounded fear of privacy. As I do understand that it will encrypt your contact number and alert you if you had been in close contact with someone that is infected. It is meant to help you as well as your loved ones to be contacted and isolate before the virus is passed to others. It is said that we had 1.08 million users are using this app but we need everyone to be having it as you can see more people are being infected from unknown sources. Help yourself as you can help your loved ones with the installation of this app.

It is said that countries from Australia, New Zealand as well as Europe are thinking of having similar apps to help prevent a resurgence of infections when lockdowns are lifted. We have to view this app as the benefits of helping to be informed when one is being exposed with an infected person without knowing. Save yourself and loved ones to be contactable should you be exposed with infection.

As we all are aware that our total number of infections had exceeded 10,000 since Wednesday due to the surge of migrant workers living in dormitories. Our Government is looking for new ways of helping out the living spaces in the facilities. Majority of the healthy workers for essential services are relocated to other facilities. PM Lee had addressed this issue and tests are being conducted for all reported sick or sign of fever or flu symptoms as well as those who are well and asymptomatic. Adjustments had been made to convert military camps and vacant public housing to be interim housing facilities for healthy workers.

As we the people are fighting against further spread of COVID-19, there should not be any form of discrimination against foreign workers though there have been increasing cases from dormitories. We should not be ostracising them but instead be more sympathetic towards them. Their presence in Singapore is beneficial as they do their jobs to build Singapore.

A report saying that our PM Lee has gained fans following by foreign workers on Facebook. It has shown that there are more genuine widespread of liking for our Government of handling the situation for the migrant workers in term of better treatment in Singapore than other countries. You can read their responses from the social media pages of these migrant workers at Singapore to Dhaka as well as Singa Tamilan. It shows that they are thankful for the changes of food and accommodations at such times. The news report from this article stating that they are grateful that much money has been spent on the worker and argue that he would not be able to get this type of attention back home in Bangladesh.

Our health care workers are risking their lives every day for the betterment of others. These are simple rules given by our doctors:

  1. Always wear your mask
  2. Please stay in your rooms at all times and please do not go to the other rooms or other floors.
  3. Please keep your surroundings clean. Keep your beds clean.
  4. Wash your hands with soap as many time as possible, at least 4 to 5 times a day.
  5. Those who are carrying out their daily prayers, this is also an opportunity to wash your hans and face as frequently as possible. This applies to people of all religions.

This will be our lesson to learn that people will be the one who will decide to put an end to the COVID-19. Without the cooperation of evey person in the world, the human to human transmission will never end. It is time we put aside our differences and be serious about the situation to fight against COVID-19. We all can put an end to this pandemic!

It is said that clinical trial for COVID-19 vaccine in Germany has been approved and China also has two experimental vaccines for early stage human tests.

QR Code for downloading the TraceTogether app