Luang Phor Thop

Luang Phor Thop – Wat ChonDaen, Petchaboon Thai amulet

As you journey in life, you maybe feeling lost or without any direction of purpose. We do believe that in possession of your own Fated Thai amulet will give you the proper guidance & purpose in life. With your true faith & beliefs, you will be guided in the direction of life which is meant for you. Every single person born in this world has a purpose. What we need will be the proper guidance and to be shown of the direction we should be taking in life.

Once again, we like to stress that each amulet will be meant for the person who is Fated to possess. This means that when the right time comes for you to meet your own Fated amulet then you will be the person actually renting it. Time will tell when it is the right moment when you will be renting your own amulet.

Each of these Thai amulets was been blessed by the famous Thai monks and it has its own mystic power to help your journey in life. Respect your own amulet with daily prayers in sincerity and you will be answered.

So, are you Fated to own this amulet?

Note: As the current situation of COVID-19 happening worldwide, there will be likely delays for delivery of the amulet. Please be patient as we arrange for delivery.

For all Singaporeans, please do your parts as the help to eliminate this deadly virus by isolating yourself at home for 1 month. With all our helps to quarantine ourselves at home, we will be able to put an end to this COVID-19. Anyone who needs to be in public places, take precautions by distancing yourself and wearing masks.

At the same time, you should be downloading the TraceTogether app to enable better contact tracing for those unknown sources of people around you while in public places. At least you will be informed should you be in contact with someone who is infected. Download today and help with the contact tracing.

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Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin – By LP Kasem

Every Thai amulet is consecrated by the famous Thai monk and you will be able to receive its blessing when wearing it around your neck. It is always believed by us that only the person who is meant to receive it by Fate will be the owner of each amulet. Only Fate can bring you with the right amulet which will give you the protection and blessing you need.

Whenever you are doing your morning & night prayers, please do bear in mind that you must be free from evil thoughts and be extremely sincere for what you are praying for as it will help you to fulfill your prayers. Only those who are sincere and having true faith with his/her own amulet will receive the blessing and guidance in the journey of life.

Ask yourself – Am I truly Fated to receive this amulet?

Note: As we are all currently facing a crisis of COVID-19 which is spreading worldwide, we hope each and everyone of us will take some form of safeguard as to help our government to eliminate this virus. Let us stand together as one to isolate ourselves whenever possible or if not then keep safe distancing from one another. Best if we can quarantine ourselves for 1 month as to put an end to this coronavirus.

Stay safe and have a great day ahead.

Achan Toh

Achan Toh Thai amulet

If you are fated in possession of this amulet – Achan Toh from Wat RaKang then you will be the owner to rent it. It is our belief that every single amulet that was made is meant for one who is fated to possess and helping the person in his/her journey of life. An amulet that will be worn around your neck will provide you with the right guidance in your path of life. You will be blessed in health, career and relationship as you journey in life.

Make your daily prayers and listen with your heart as it will tell you what to do with your life. Learn to embrace it as your path will be guided and protected against accidents as you walk in life. Be sincere with your prayers as it will be answered by your personal Thai amulet.

So, are you the one fated to possess Achan Toh?

Note: As we all are now going through a crisis of handling COVID-19, we pray for the safety of every human beings in the world. On our part, we have to do our role as to eliminate this deadly virus. Let us be United and do what is necessary to put an end to COVID-19. Remember to wash your hands with soap often as when you are in contact with people in public. Try to give yourself a break by isolating yourself for 1 month. If everyone can do it then we will be able to eliminate this virus.

If not possible to isolate yourself, when in public places, please try to keep your safe distance with the other party. Wear masks whenever necessary. For Singaporeans, download the TraceTogether app as to enable better contact tracing since you will never know who you are with at that point of time when you are in public places. It helps to narrow down the unknown source who you may be in contact with while moving in public places.

Let us all join forces together so we can have our normal life back. Lastly, please do NOT rush to buy essentials as we should have enough to tide over this crisis. Panic buying might worsen the situation as we will be more exposed to one another at a closer contact. Just do your normal regular routine for marketing and buy what is necessary.

Keep safe and have a great day!