Time to be kiasu against COVID-19

As we keep ourselves informed of the latest situation daily from reports worldwide, we do understand the need of being a little more kiasu and not to be complacent about the danger of COVID-19 pandemic. Why do we still require to be vigilant at all times? With daily report of the situation, we understand that countries that had ease on restrictions are being hit with the second wave of COVID-19 and these countries were caught off-guard and now they have to restrategize their plans as what to do next.

What can individuals do about this COVID-19?

We know that this deadly virus is transmitted through contacts therefore keeping in mind of social distancing and without any sort of physical contact will be the current solution of avoiding being infected. So, the simple rule will be that we have to wear masks and keep our distance from one another to keep ourselves safe from infection. We do know that the infection is via mouth, nose & eyes so we need to refrain ourselves from using our hands to touch these areas. If needed to do so, please go and wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds to get rid of any virus on it. Safety measure as such is vital since it will help you to avoid being infected by COVID-19.

Are you doing your part for keeping loved ones to be safe?

Sadly to know that not every person in the world are doing this isolation together at the SAME time to allow this virus to die off since its survival is based on human to human transmission. Unfortunately not everyone is doing it at the same time so this virus is still continuing to spread like wildfire in some countries. Guess it will be waiting for the vaccine cure to stop this spreading! For those who still want to be on the safe side, please abide to the simple rule that had been announced many times over the radio, TV and media which is social distancing and isolation whenever you possibly can do so. This means that whenever you are exposed in public, please do wear your masks and keep your distance apart from others and do NOT touch your face with your hands unless you have just washed it with soap. This will be your own safety measure as to avoid getting infected with COVID-19.

What should be done? How to do it right?

Another sad thing to hear about more people are dying from this virus and people are still pointing fingers & putting blame on each other. Now is the time we should all be UNITED as one and solve this problem instead of finding faults. We as humans are the only possible solution to end this so please stand together as one people to fight against COVID-19. Let us put an end to this matter and resolve the issue together.

Here are some tips where one should abide to in order for keeping yourself as well as loved ones to be safe from COVID-19 pandemic. Please be cooperative and we will emerge victory together!

Point One: Isolation is the best cure for prevention of spreading as well as avoid being infected.
Point Two: Download the contact tracing app for those currently in Singapore as to find out all the unknown sources that maybe infected with COVID-19.
Point Three: Continue with social distancing and wear masks at the same time while in public.
Point Four: Washing hands with soap often as it helps to get rid of viruses on your hands.
Point Five: Do not use your hands to wipe your eyes, nose and mouth unless you have just washed your hands.
Point Six: If you have fever, cough and difficulty of breathing, please wear your mask and go to consult a doctor.
Point Seven: Read latest news update from Government sites as to avoid fake news which can be harmful and deadly.

Time to be Kiasu and avert this disaster together!

QR code to download for contact tracing in Singapore

COVID-19 pandemic is over?

Though we are witnessing countries are easing on the lock down but from what we understand, it is still far from over. Why? After reading much news from all over the world, we understand that not all the countries are carrying out vigorous testing for the COVID-19 for suspected patients. This is indeed a sad thing to hear about since the main danger of this coronavirus is human to human transmission. If not carrying out tests in a timing measures, then there will be a tendency of having many unknown infected sources which will end up infecting more people. We simply hope that all countries should step up and do all that is necessary for the sake of mankind.

Yes, we understand that there are needs to open up businesses and be back to our normal lifestyle but if this is not taken care in a proper manner, we all will likely be hit with a second or even third wave of COVID-19. As long as this is not under control, it will be never ending since transmission will continue from human to human and the cycle will never stop. So, even if the Government is easing on restriction, we as one people should not be complacent and take all necessary preventive measures as to safeguard ourselves and loved ones. Things might not be the same as before but as long as the vaccine cure is still not available, we all have to do our parts to protect ourselves and loved ones as well as those around you. Here are things you can do as to help others and yourself to be safe.

  1. Washing your hands with soap often as to get rid of it on your hands.
  2. Avoid touching your face like nose, mouth & eyes unless you have just washed your hands.
  3. Isolation or quarantine together as a country at the same time to eliminate further spreading from human to human.
  4. Wear masks if need to be in public and keep social distancing from others to avoid being infected.
  5. If you have fever, cough and difficulty in breathing, please wear mask before consulting a doctor.
  6. If need to cough or sneeze, use a tissue paper or your elbow to conceal it.
  7. Download the contact tracing app in Singapore to eliminate unknown sources who maybe infected with COVID-19.

We should be aware that when we are vigilant, it will be much safer for those people around you as well as for those you loved to be safe as well. We do know that some countries are being hit with the second wave of COVID-19 after easing down on restrictions. So that is the lesson we need to learn from so that we will not be caught off guard and having increase of infection.

We believe that our Singapore Government is doing whatever they can as to slowly easing the control of restrictions but it will be up to us not to be complacent and continue to be more vigilant instead. Things will get better as long as we do our parts to keep it that way. This is what we believe that every action we take will have a reaction as a result. Whether or not we Singaporeans can maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid further increase of infections will be dependent on ourselves to maintain our vigilant. This is a battle that can only be won when we cooperate with one another to keep ourselves safe from COVID-19. Let us do our parts and prevent further human to human transmission.

One day this will end but meantime, we just need to keep cooperating and be vigilant until the vaccine cure is out. So, the current cure for COVID-19 is social distancing and isolation as far as possible. If need to go out, please remember to wear masks and stay apart from others in public. Help yourself as you can help others to be safe. Keep up the good work everyone!

QR Code for downloading contact tracing in Singapore

Updates Circuit Breaker in Singapore

It had been announced yesterday that Circuit Breaker in force will be extended till 1st June 2020. As what I personally view that the amount of unknown sources are still quite high which means there are difficulties to prevent further spreading if we do not take serious action. It will not just be the Government’s action plan to work alone but cooperation from everyone of us to put an end for COVID-19. It is our fight against this deadly virus to ensure the safety of our families and loved ones as well as people around us.

As there are still many unknown sources who maybe infected, I sincerely hope that everyone will take the initiative of downloading the TraceTogether app to reduce the chances of having exposure without knowing about it. Remember to turn on the Bluetooth function in order for this to work. Let us cooperate with one another to keep everyone safe. You are doing it not only for yourself but also for your family, friends and loved ones as well as people around you. Help yourself in order to help others when comes to contact tracing with the TraceTogether app.

As I had mentioned before some times ago, the effectiveness of isolation will be successful when each and everyone of us doing it at the SAME time. As far as the information given, we will know whether or not if we are infected within the guideline given by WHO. Therefore, 1 month will be sufficient to tell if anyone is infected. But there is also a chance where some people do not show any signs or symptoms even though they are infected. So that is also one of the reasons why we need to install the TraceTogether app just in case you are in contact with people that are not showing any symptoms. This means the cooperation among everyone of us to have this app installed for contact tracing purpose.

I sincerely hope that everyone will take it more serious about COVID-19 as not allowing it to continue spreading month after month. We the people should take responsibilities and help one another as to end this pandemic. No one else to blame for this happening except ourselves if we do not heed all the warnings. So we are the people to decide how long this pandemic will carry on therefore I sincerely urge everyone to do their parts for contact tracing as well as isolation for 1 month together at the same time.

Precautions we can take like washing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds before touching your face and as often as possible. Wear masks when going out in public to do the essentials and back home immediately. Avoid gathering with people when in public and reduce the amount of conversation to avoid spreading.

Hope to hear good news when the Circuit Breaker ends in 1st June 2020 as we all can get back to our normal routine. Just need to suck it up for 1 month to end this COVID-19. It is better than allowing it to spread month after month and harming our loved ones around us.

Be safe and take good care of yourself!