Sothorn Thai amulet

Sothorn Thai amulet

Critical period happening now worldwide that is causing a pandemic crisis is the time we seek a kind of protection and blessing as to tide over it. We need to view this matter with a degree of seriousness since it had gone out of hand with the rising amount of deaths and infections. We do sincerely believe that Buddha protects those who want to be protected. Simply means that you need to take your own safety precaution and safety measures when handling the situation. Please do abide to the simple rule of social distancing and isolation whenever possible. Do this and you will keep yourself & loved ones safe.

This maybe a simple thing to do but unfortunately not everybody adhere to this rule. They just like to do whatever they want and not following the rules. It is their freedom of doing whatever they want to. It is indeed sad that we are all human beings but when comes to encounter this type of danger, some are not convinced and being uncooperative about it. How we wish that for once, everyone will act like a normal human being and do what is necessary to help one another to tide over this crisis.

Guess not!

This will only prolong further spreading of COVID-19 pandemic without even knowing when it can actually ends since looking for a vaccine cure will be a long way to come. As long as we do not have 100% cooperation from everyone in each country as to eliminate further human to human transmission then the cycle will keep continuing without its ending.

This is indeed very sad but it is the true fact in life.

Human’s mind is always a mystery to everyone as we cannot predict or control what are the thoughts going through in each person’s brain. So it does not matter whether or not there is control or warning over the current pandemic, it will be up to individual’s mind as what is the right thing to do for themselves. No one can control your thoughts as you will decide on your own. So, whether or not the crisis to be over sooner or later or even never will depend on yourself as a group.

As said, it needs to be isolation for everyone together at the same time to stop further human to human transmission.

So, can we do it together as a community of people in each country?

The answer will likely be negative as not everyone see it the same way as the others. Again, this is indeed a very sad thing even though we believe individual understands the impact and seriousness of this virus that really can KILL humans. We only can pray for individuals that they will come to the senses and be cooperative about it. All we can do is HOPE!

The question is are you fated to rent this amulet for protection?

Nam Kwa Thai amulet

Nam Kwa Thai amulet

Human’s life is always filled with mysterious as we hardly utilizing 100% of our brain power. Imagine if one can actually tap into 100% of the brain power, it will be a kind of miracle. Miracle also created by Thai amulets with its blessing of power by famous Thai monks. As we had mentioned before, no matter what religions you believe in, you should tap into it and have true faith & belief as it will guide you through the right path. All religions are the same as it is to teach us the path towards enlightenment.

Consider the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic, we all should be united as one people to battle against this deadly virus. When we all humans can be united as one then we are actually be taking the right path towards enlightenment as we will no longer be sensitive about races or cultures but just as human being. Help yourself as you can help those around you as well as your loved ones to be safe and sound. Just be human and do not blame others as you are to be blamed if the spreading continues. We need to take responsibility for all our actions.

So, are you the fated person to own this amulet to guide your path?

Soh Koh Tai Thai amulet

Soh Koh Tai Thai amulet

You will always be protected and guided in the path of enlightenment using your personal amulet while wearing it around your neck. Learn what you are born to do as it is the right path towards enlightenment. Every person takes his/her own path at different time and some people may take a few lifetime before realizing his/her purpose in life. Like Shakyamuni Buddha who had managed to realize his path towards enlightenment where he gave up all the worldly things to achieve it. It is not an easy task where everyone can achieve but ultimately, everyone will return back to the Kingdom of God where you will no longer be suffering through the cycle of rebirth.

For us all who are still living in this earth, we can try to follow the right path towards enlightenment and learn to practice goodness in us by helping those who are in need without any sort of expectation. It should be done from the bottom of our hearts for giving out our helps. When you are in possession of your own personal amulet, please do your daily prayers and allowing it to guide for your daily routine in life. You will be able to overcome all obstacles or accidents that maybe lurking in your life. Do more charity in your life as it will guide you in the path. All goodness in your life will bring joy.

So, the question here is are you the fated person to own this Thai amulet?