Luang Phor Thop

Luang Phor Thop – B.E. 2506 Thai amulet

As a believer in Mighty Buddha, I truly can safely say that each and every Thai amulets made by the famous Thai monks comes with the mystic power of protection and blessing for those who are wearing them around their necks. One has to have great faith and belief in it to benefit from the amulet to help in guiding us through the journey ahead in life.

Only with your true faith and belief, you will have its guidance in the path of life. Again, it is said that ONLY those who are Fated with the individual amulet will be the final owner of it. Once you have rented it and wearing it around your neck, you should do daily prayers in the morning as well as in the night. You will be blessed and your prayers will be answered with your sincerity.

Every amulet will be your guidance in life for health, wealth and relationship. You will be protected against accidents or evil spirits that may be haunting you. You will be safe and guarded as you journey into life with the Thai amulet hanging around your neck.

Once again, will you be the Fated one to rent it?

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