PM Lee Hsien Loong about COVID-19

We need to understand the critical situation about COVID-19 and never to take this lightly as it will affect your family and loved ones. The danger of COVID-19 can be deadly to anyone especially older people like us. So I do hope that everyone will take all necessary precautions to help and prevent further spreading by doing what is needed.

Take 1 month’s quarantine to stay at home. If needs to go out for buying essentials, wear your masks and avoid human’s contact with 1 meter distancing. If possible, do online shopping for all your essential items as to prevent further spreading of the virus.

Basic personal hygiene is important like washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds before & after meals or after toilet, etc. Wash as often as possible as to remove the virus from your hands. We all have to do our parts as a preventive measure so that the COVID-19 will not be spreading from one human to another. You are not only helping yourself but your family and loved ones as to be safe against this virus.

Lastly, download the TraceTogether app as it will help to eliminate those unknown sources that you maybe exposed to while you are in public places. You will never know if you had come in contact with someone who is infected. With this app, it will be able to track the mobile numbers of those who are around you and it will be encrypted to safeguard your phone numbers. You will only be contacted when someone near you if infected with the virus for contact tracing. Let us help each other with this app.

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Let us all be safe and end this deadly virus once and for all with just 1 month’s quarantine at home. Yes, if everyone does that, we all can get back to our normal life sooner. Let us be UNITED against COVID-19.

Preventive measures against COVID-19

As we are all well aware of the danger encountering with COVID-19 and this video will show you how you can help yourself and loved ones to prevent from getting infected.

This is a good advice for everyone to know of how to prevent it from spreading. As the saying goes: Prevention is better than cure.

We like to stress that this deadly COVID-19 needs to be taken seriously and everyone should do their parts as to prevent it from spreading further. Think of the danger it can bring to your loved ones and what you can help to prevent it from spreading. Stay at home for 1 month as to allow this coronavirus to be eliminated once and for all. Yes, we all can help to chip in as to prevent this from getting worse as it is now.

For all Singaporeans, you can help to better trace of unknown sources that you maybe in contact with while in public places. Download the TraceTogether app and it will be able to trace those unknown people around you. You will be informed if it happens that you are with someone who is infected with COVID-19. This will help you and your loved ones when you know about it.

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Lastly, we hope everyone will be more careful and do frequent washing of hands with soap for at least 20 seconds to keep yourself safe. Wishing everyone to have a great day and be safe!

TraceTogether app for COVID-19

TraceTogether app for contact tracing in Singapore

This mobile app had been launched on 20 March 2020 in the midst of outbreak of COVID-19 and quite a number of cases found to be infected from unknown sources. I hope that each and everyone of us will help to do our parts as to keep every person safe in the public places as installing this app will assist to do a great part of contact tracing since when you are roaming around without knowing who you are in contact with.

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This is what I understand the functionality of this app as to allow users for proactive help in all contact tracing purposes. It only requires a mobile number with Bluetooth enabled smartphone. You just need to give consent during the setup with Bluetooth turn on including enabling push notifications and location permissions for it to work. The app will only work within a short distance apart between phones at a close proximity which will be 2 or up to 5 metres for 30 minutes.

All your encounters with unknown number of people will be stored in your phone and will not be sent to the authorities. This means that you will only be asked to share these records when asked by the MOH for the contact tracing investigations. As we understand that our current method of contact tracing are from those memories of interviewees which will be hard since you will also be in contact with people that you do not have their information. This app is not a replacement of contact tracing efforts instead it will be additional aid to contact users who had close contacts of COVID-19 in a faster manner.

This app helps to intervenes as poor memory will not be a problem to slow down the process of contact tracing which is a key part of strategy to limit local transmission of COVID-19 and speed up the process. With faster contact tracing process to identify people at risk will eventually limiting the spreading locally. This type of monitoring enables users to take necessary action faster for signs of flu like symptoms. As we understand that early detection actually aid to reduction of risk in spreading the virus and protect families and loved ones. Using this app for everyone will mean a better and more effective method of contact tracing as to reduce the risk of local transmission.

As we understand that this app comes with several layers of security and privacy safeguards which means users will only submit their mobile numbers and a user ID will be assigned. With this user ID to be used for generating temporary IDs at regular intervals for exchanged between phones of TraceTogether. This method of generating temporary IDs is for protecting users from eavesdropping and tracking. No personal detail like names will be collected as well as no access to user’s phone contact list or address book. This app does not collect or use the location data as of the GPS. This means the app will not be able to identify the location of exposure to COVID-19 but only establish who might be exposed to the virus in contact. This means that the location will only be established when doing the verbal interviews at that point of time. TraceTogether will encrypt the log file which will be stored in user’s phone. This log file does not contain user’s phone numbers instead it is a set of cryptographical generated temporary ID. This means the logs leave the owner’s phone when using the app to send information to authorities for facilitating the contact tracing. Even then, the authorities or MOH will have no knowledge of the user’s data until it is deciphered and analysed after user submit it. Other than that, it will only operate during the COVID-19 outbreaks and will cease when it is over as the app will prompt users to deactivate.

It is time for everyone to be united and help one another to trace as to bring an end to this deadly virus. Be safe and have a great day ahead.