What is Feng Shui

We heard of Feng Shui but what do you understand about it? The two words Feng Shui comes with the meaning of Wind referring to Feng and Shui referring to Water. It was derived from ancient time with its roots of Chinese astrology of looking at our universe. You may understand that Feng Shui has the so-called ability of influencing the time & space concepts in dimensions. If one wants to further understand the complexity subject will need to dig deeper into the world of metaphysical sciences and knowledge of its principles. The application of Feng Shui is considered as an art and science with living things that go in harmony of living space where one will have its benefits, peace and prosperity to be in balance with the Nature of Yin & Yang.

From ancient time research has shown that the significant part of Feng Shui lies on the location and orientation of space in Chinese science which will be kind of similar to the electromagnetic spectrum represented by Western Science. Understanding of Feng Shui to be seeing an invisible force of energy that flowing through the earth and sky as well as waters in the sea or river and flow like a gentle breezes thus bringing prosperity and happiness at the place where it will be cirulating and settling down on the spot. With the terminology of this concept, it is the placement of our household, office as well as objects will affect our well being and attitudes. Based on the Chinese folklore and mythology, this type of influence will be shaping a person’s behavior and outlook about the harmony or disharmony and whether good or bad in life.

Therefore the question about Feng Shui is the efficacy of time dimension, it means this will change in time and one that promises great wealth for current and future generations. Be simply having a certain guideline of arranging objects to further enhance your harmony and good fortune in life based on Feng Shui theory. This type of ancient knowledge will help one to seek peace and growth in life which in Western tradition will be known to be geomancy.

As mentioned, Feng Shui refers to Wind & Water which will be the power of Nature’s flowing elements with the effects happening on the surface of all landscapes. It will be like the wind starts to ascend from the top of the mountain and water that will be rising up to its crest as describing a person’s attitudes and actions to bring success in life. You can read more about the system of divination that can be found in I Ching or known as the Book of Changes. There is an invisible flow of energy known as Qi that actually moves in our body as well as in the environment. This can also be described like the radio waves, radars, telephone signals or magnetic field. It is said that Qi is a kind of mysterious energy that giving strength and soul of mankind. Using the fundamental Feng Shui concept with the arrangement of items in those auspicious directions will actually help the heavenly forces to align with people or things on earth thus giving luck in return.

Looking at the past of rise and fall of dynasties due to their conviction of its time element should not be ignored. People who believed in Feng Shui but only limited knowledge of exposure. At time, Feng Shui is also mistaken to be kind of superstition to some people. The main thing about Feng Shui is the harmony and balance in life that comes from both internal and external of individual which will have influences to be increase or decrease in terms of a person’s success in life. Therefore it means that you need to create a positive and friendly environment so that you can live in harmony in home and work.