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Truck Accidents—Better to be Careful than Sorry
Posted Date: 2009-11-04
Resource Box Info:
To help you deal with issues involved in truck accidents, consult with our skilled truck accident lawyers. Visit our website and avail of our free case analysis.

Every 16 minutes, someone dies or is injured in a truck accident. But then will a law really lessen deadly vehicle accidents if we ban road repairs from Angeles Crest Highway? Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks so.

The new law was signed early August of this year, wherein the state implemented temporary ban on commercial trucks from passing through La Canada-Flintridge. This was a result of a previous accident that killed a woman because of a cargo truck in California.

Most of Los Angeles businesses rely on cargos and trucks to supply consumer goods and supplies. However, maximizing the work capabilities of your drivers may not be a great idea to begin with. In the US alone, there are about 500,000 truck accidents each year.

Common causes of Los Angeles truck accidents:

• Driving under the influence from drugs/alcohol

• Tire Blowouts

• Lack of driver training

• Tired or exhausted truck drivers

• Violating truck safety regulations

• Truck drivers driving too fast for road conditions

• Negligent driving

• Road rage and other forms of aggressive driving

• Truck brake failure/failing to adapt to risky driving conditions (e.g., snow, black ice, fog, etc.)

• Lack of truck maintenance

• Unsecured loads

• Improper truck maintenance

• Inexperienced licensed or no license drivers

Drivers are advice to man the wheel of their vehicles in a good state of mind and body. Accidents happen because drivers are too tired, drowsy, stressed out, etc. You have to be focus and aware of your surroundings. Also familiarize yourself with the safety features of your vehicle.

Team up with other motorists:

• They can rescue you. You should have emergency hotlines and immediate contact persons in your cell phone if you got into a vehicle accident.

• Notify highway safety patrol of any accidents or hazardous drivers and weather conditions.

• Join a highway "watch" program to promote safety.

According to NBC reports, “Big trucks in Los Angeles can cause damage to a car almost instantly upon an auto collision, and the implications of the injuries suffered by those who are in the vehicle are terrible.”

Serious injuries:

• Blood loss

• Decapitation

• Loss of a limb/s

• Severe brain damage

• Heart attack

• Crushed body or damage to internal organs

The law states that a person liable for the truck accident is also held accountable for the death or injuries of his victims.

You and your family deserve to have the best possible legal representation to represent you. They will assist you with lost wages, medical bills, property damage, and other related costs reimbursed. They will also handle the automobile insurance company.

It is still better to be informed and safe if you want to avoid such accidents and hassles.