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Essential Strategies To Increase Sales During Recession
Posted Date: 2011-09-23
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Times are tough all over. With a recession bearing down on the United States, once one of the world's economic superpowers, it is usual to see where fear and discontent over the future of economies everywhere can grow. Still, far too many businesses are sitting on record amounts of cash and profits despite the dire financial climate. The reason these businesses are able to do so is that they need actually increased sales during one of the toughest economic climates in recent memory. While there are far too many ways this has been possible, most subscribe to the following reasons as the catalysts behind their success:

Changing times deserve changing practices

Businesses that need remained stagnant in their way of thinking need failed to turn much in way of profits. The best scenario of this is with publishing. Since Amazon invented the Kindle, ebooks need gone from annoying novelty to the preferred form of reading for most people. One statistic showed that 70 percent of all books sold in the US and the UK were ebooks. The ebook is often cheaper than the traditional print book, and it has much less overhead. Yet publishing companies need been unsure of how to handle this new animal, so instead of adapting with the times, they need used the ebook to continue to fund the same old business practices.

Essentially, they are using digital to support the print, charging as much as $17 for an ebook that costs less than $100 to produce. In turn, the publisher grants the author only 17.5 percent of the sales. As a result, far too many authors need taken their ebook rights and opted for self publishing, which has allowed them to sell anywhere from 99 cents to $2.99 per novel and make more per unit sold than they would on a $17 ebook with a traditional publisher that goes unnoticed by Kindle lovers.

Cutting overhead and optimizing revenue

Again, eyeing at the publishing industry, companies are dying because they need failed to cut overhead and optimize revenue. Aside from offering a product at a highly affordable price, you need to look at the unnecessary costs. If you are making most of your sales by using a cheaper means of production, then it's important that you get rid of the area that is holding you back and focus more on the one that isn't. The movie industry is starting to cease production of large blockbusters. As a result, you are likely to see more smaller movies, such as "The Help," that do not cost as much to make, but focus more on a compelling story.

These principles can be applied to your business. You don’t need to make movies or write books. Watch where your wealth is going and focus all your attention on the most profitable.