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 Why Websites Are Removed From Google And What Had Caused This To Happen

For content creators, Google can every now and then be looked upon as the police of the Internet, but to surfers, they are what makes connecting internet a valuable resource. The reason that Google is so highly valued? They understand that whatever can be done to ensure web visitors are getting worthwhile content will go a long way in making life better for all. From the people, who write the content getting more writing jobs to the people, who run the web pages getting a more loyal following and better advertising dollars, to advertisers, who reach more interested parties with their marketing efforts, it is truly a win for everyone. But being placed in the role of content prioritizer inevitably leads to some hostility from those having their web pages pulled down. Why does Google do this, and what can be done to prevent it?

Why Google does it?

The first reason that Google pulls down web pages is entirely self-serving. They want to be looked upon as the go-to source for web research. The more active users they get, the more hard cash they make. Business is business. But just because Google is in it to make money, that doesn't mean they never care about the user experience. Their whole business model revolves around them caring. Because if users are dissatisfied, they will go elsewhere to discover their content. Even though Google rules the roost, they never do so without competition in the form of engines like Bing and Yahoo. It's important for Google to make sure users are not targeted by malicious web pages, and it is also important that each individual finds what they're eyeing for through the company's google search engine services. Therefore, if your site is in violation of that in any way, they are going to pull you down.

What can be done to prevent it?

If you never want to catch pulled down by Google, then there are some things you can do to ensure that never happens. First of all, invest in your web page's security. If possible, hire a pro. If not possible, make sure that you read up on Internet safety measures that need to be taken, and give your site the infrastructure it needs to survive. Secondly, ensure that all the content on your web page is accurately representative of what your site's core purpose is. The keywords you target and the videos or podcasts or articles that you run are all very important to your continued success. Make sure that even if you aren't writing the content, you are curating it, and taking an active role in how it is worded or presented.

With these proactive measures in place, you are certain to stay up and running on Google for years to come.

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