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Panic attacks can be totally debilitating to the sufferer. To the uninitiated, they are more than just feeling antsy or uncomfortable in a situation. They are more than feeling nervous or a little anxious. Anxiety or panic attacks are severe, difficult, and physical symptoms that are felt by the person.

Someone who is suffering from panic attacks usually begins feeling strange, but it gets worse qickly and often within minutes they can feel a terrible feeling of anxiety that can make them want to literally escape an otherwise unthreatening place. People will begin to sweat, breathe heavily, and their heart rate will go through the roof. Panic attacks are not all in someone's mind!

Once a patient begins to feel the stress feelings coming in, they are difficult to stop. The increased heart rate and lack of oxygen due to hyperventilation or shallow breathing, will create a feeling of dizziness which only enhances the feeling of anxiety. Often with minutes, they are feeling dizzy and nauseous and the fear of dying or throwing up in public overwhelms them. Oten, the only way out is to literally leave the situation.

In many situations, that is not an option. Many people experience anxiety panic attacks symptoms on an airplane - and for them, escape is not a reality. It is necessary for them to find ways to keep their symptoms under control. As a product, Panic Away gives natural anxiety symptom relief, and is a way for sufferers to begin to find a way out of the scary cycle of panic attacks. By electing an all natural treatment, people who suffer from this psychological and physiological issue can be assured that they will not be ridden with the additional side effects that many medications can bring. All natural prescriptions are the best way to deal with panic attacks of all severities.

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